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The Three Ingredients

What drives me everyday to wake up early and start doing amazing things is my curiosity. I am born curious, I want to know how things work and use it to its fullest potential. I go deeper and deeper on the subject of interest until there is no depth left. But then I realised, there are things in life that does not have any end to its depth, which are Love, Space & the Soul. So, whenever I create project using this three ingredients, the possibilities of design, development and implementation are limitless.

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3 Ingredients

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt
My Services

It’s not hard to see how I make your life easier every day.

Portal Websites. Included all the essentials while building beautiful web portals.

E-commerce websites. Sell with your website, collect money online with payment gateway integration.

PSD to Bootstrap/WordPress. Your Custom design converted to bootsrap Website or WordPress Website according to your needs.

Dynamic Websites. Blending innovation in the right portion is all that defines our dynamic web design services.

Responsive Websites. Get your websites viewed seemlessly on smartphones, tablets & Desktop with responsive web design.

Static/Corporate Websites. Make your company/brand noticeable & easily reacheable by your customers with a unique style website.

Custom Websites. Build website from grounds up, from your idea, to design, to production.

Web Applications/CMS/Laravel. Do you need an application with dashboard where users can log in & manage their stuffs. I got it covered.

WordPress Theme Development. 100% customized WordPress theme for you.

1 Organisation Management “Groups View?”
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4    "Dave": {
5      "fullName": "Dave Gamache",
6      "twitterHandle": "@dhg",
7    }
8    "Mark": {
9      "fullName": "Mark Otto",
10      "twitterHandle": "@mdo",
11    }
12    "Jacob": {
13      "fullName": "Jacob Thornton",
14      "twitterHandle": "@fat",
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Ongoing Work

Organization Management System makes making groups and file sharing easy for everyone.

When organising everything on paper becomes a tedious task, I made a simple product to enhance group management and team productivity.

“Did an excellent job and always responded quickly and worked hard to fulfill all my requirements.”

Dogen, Digital Dreams
Personal Projects

When not freelancing, I am working on digital products.

Want to Work Together?

I'm currently accepting new projects and would love to hear about yours. Please take a few minutes to tell me about it.

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